Common misconceptions about renters insurance.

About 50% of homeowners often decide not to purchase renters insurance to protect their personal property because they often bet that they’ll never fall victims of day to day perils like fire, burglary or theft. As a homeowner, it is vital to get renters insurance cover for your personal property both in and outside the home. Unfortunately, there are a number of misconceptions about renters insurance. Here are common myths about renters insurance and facts you should know.

I do not have many belongings that are worth the renter’s insurance cover

Most individuals have a common reason that they do not have property worth insuring. Given the fact that all rental properties are susceptible to perils, insurance expert’s advice that renters should not underestimate the value of their possessions since replacing the event of damages would be far much costly.

My landlord already covered for property threats.

As a renter, your landlord might get into an agreement with an insurance company to provide renters insurance but often at times, the insurance policies only protect the building itself and not the belongings. 

Renters insurance only covers my personal belongings

In as much as one may not care about his/her belongings, accidents may damage other tenant’s property or someone may get injured in your home which will be much more costly if you do not have a policy with the liability insurance option. Purchasing renters insurance can save you a number of costs since it covers a wide variety of items.

It is expensive

Most people have the perception that getting an insurance cover is very costly. Fact is, renters insurance is probably a preeminent arrangement in the insurance sector. Before making a choice on the policy you want to purchase, it’s important to get professional advice from an insurance agent with regards to your budget and policy premiums you can afford.

For more information about renters insurance and the quotes, visit our insurance experts us at Luebbering Insurance Agency LLC in Jefferson City, MO to help you find a suitable coverage that best suits your needs and budget.

How Umbrella Insurance Benefits Your Small Business

As a small business owner in the Jefferson City, MO area, you have plenty of worries on your plate, including how to best protect your business against a variety of risks. While an ordinary business insurance policy covers most of these risks, there are times when you need to rely on more than your standard liability coverage. This is where umbrella insurance comes into play. The dependable agents at Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC can help you find an umbrella insurance policy that’s right for your small business.

Additional Coverage When Your Business Needs It Most

When faced with a legal claim that’s in excess of your business insurance’s liability coverage limits, the thought of having the remainder coming out of your pocket can be sobering. Not having enough coverage can even spell the end of your small business. An umbrella insurance policy adds supplemental coverage on top of your existing liability policies, picking up where your general liability coverage falls short.

Having umbrella insurance can also provide some unexpected benefits. If you’re pursuing a large contract, for instance, your clients may require a certain amount of liability insurance as a prerequisite. Your umbrella insurance policy easily bridges the gap between your existing coverage and your client’s insurance requirements.

Greater Peace of Mind

Accidents happen and an unexpected accident can have some severe consequences for your business. You may even worry if your current business insurance policy can handle the liability. Having additional liability coverage through umbrella insurance can set your mind at ease.

At Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC, we understand the importance of protecting your business against all types of expected and unforeseen claims. Reach out to us if you’re in the Jefferson City, MO area and need insurance that meets the varied requirements of your small business.

Can You Take Out Condo Insurance if You Are Renting It?

Condo insurance is something that is highly beneficial to anyone that owns a condo. If you do own a condo, it may be beneficial to look into a condo policy to protect your property. For those that do own a condo there are many benefits to a policy, but what do you do if you are renting a condo?

For those in the Columbia or Jefferson City, MO area, the agents with Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC can help you find a policy that works for you.

Renters and Condo Insurance

There are a few things to consider when it comes to condo insurance if you are renting. If you are the renter, you are not going to be able to take out a policy on the condo because you do not own the property. If you still want some insurance on the condo, you would do better to take out a renters policy to help protect your property and yourself.

If you are the owner of the condo and are renting it out, you can still take out a traditional condo policy to help protect your property should someone that is renting it damage the property or if a liability issue should arise. This type of policy is going to be the same as you would have if you were insuring the condo. You may want to add extra coverage to consider the renter. It is always best to figure out what your individual property requires and to find out just what is going to be the most beneficial for your needs. For those in the Columbia or Jefferson City, MO area, the agents with Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC can help.  

How Much Life Insurance Coverage Should You Have?

It doesn’t matter your age, if you have decided that you should have life insurance, the next thing that you need to do is determine how much coverage you should have. This is something that a lot of people overthink and get stuck on during the process of purchasing life insurance. If you are trying to determine how much you need, make sure you use this guide from Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC, serving Columbia and Jefferson City, MO, to get you started. 

  • You should replace your salary if people depend on it. As a rule of thumb, you should have enough life insurance to cover 7 to 10 times your current salary. This will help set up your dependents for success both now and in the future. 
  • You should have enough to cover any debt. If you have debt, that is the last thing that you want to leave to your loved ones. You should have enough life insurance to cover those debts, so they do not have to worry about it after you are gone. 
  • You should have enough to pay for your funeral. A funeral is not cheap, and if you want to take some more pressure off of your loved ones, you should have enough life insurance coverage to take care of the cost. 

As you can see, determining how much life insurance you need is not as difficult as most people make it out to be. However, if you still need help determining the right amount for you, be sure to reach out to us here at Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC, serving Columbia and Jefferson City, MO, today. We will help you determine the right amount for your needs and can even get you a free quote for coverage that meets those needs and is within your budget. 

Pros And Cons Of Purchasing Comprehensive Auto Insurance

The agents of Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC in Jefferson City, MO have an expertise when it comes to types of car insurance. There are four common types of auto insurance coverage including liability, collision, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and comprehensive coverage.

Understanding Auto Policies

The question of what is the best auto insurance coverage requires the understanding of the purpose of the coverage. Collision and comprehensive coverage address different events that damage cars. It is not uncommon to confuse comprehensive insurance with collision insurance. Whether or not to accept collision coverage is based upon a simple cost-benefit analysis, comparing the value of your car with the cost of repairing the vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance and collision coverage both insure your car from damages by different events. Collision covers car accidents. The advantage of comprehensive coverage is for such events that are out of control of the car’s owner such as theft, Acts of God, damages caused by animals, riots, floods, vandalism, and fire. It is clear that coverage for a theft of a car is one of the best reasons to purchase comprehensive coverage especially if your car is costly or you live in an area of frequent car thefts. 

The disadvantage of comprehensive coverage is the higher price of the premiums that exceeds the cost of collision coverage. Further, comprehensive coverage triggers such features as insurance riders for any rental car options, or emergency roadside services. The only way to reduce the charge is to cancel these services. Riders to collision coverage could make it less expensive than comprehensive coverage such as having a garage for a car to make it less exposed to vandalism.

Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC in Jefferson City, MO will provide you with the auto insurance coverage that best meets your needs. Please call us for a quote and to have your questions answered!

Litigation Kills Small Business, But Many Don’t Protect Themselves Enough

The number one form of new small business today belongs to virtual businesses in both Jefferson City, MO and many surrounding areas. This has been generated and spawned by the internet, and the ease with which just about anyone can set up a virtual business and operate from anywhere, providing services and goods while receiving electronic payment, even from across the country or worldwide. However, just because it’s easy to start a business doesn’t mean that survival is easier.

Many new businesses are killed in their first few years out of simple neglect for operating risk and having commercial insurance coverage. They get someone upset, they deliver a bad product design, or someone gets hurt while working with the business. Any of these three or other reasons can trigger the death-knell of a business in the form of a lawsuit. And, according to what the professionals at Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC have seen, an initial lawsuit can send the majority of unprotected small business right into bankruptcy almost immediately. That’s a horrible way to end a new business idea before it’s time.

Many think taxes, government regulation, or stronger competition are the big barriers to a new small business success, but this couldn’t be farther from reality. By and large, the big problem is the risk of making a mistake and then being held legally responsible for it.

The experts at Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC are available to help and understand that folks in Jefferson City, MO will have questions about commercial insurance, just like anywhere else. That’s okay, they are available to listen, explain, and help guide new business owners and managers to the right packages and coverage plans that help new companies grow and stay protected. Don’t take a chance with your new company right out of the gate. Get the commercial insurance protection you need to stay alive and growing instead of becoming someone’s settlement payment.

What Should You Consider When Buying Motorcycle Insurance?

If you have just purchased a new motorcycle, you may envision yourself hitting the road with the wind in your face. But before you can ride your bike around, you must first purchase motorcycle insurance. If you have never purchased this type of insurance before, you may be unsure what you need to consider when buying this type of policy. Here at Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC, serving the greater Jefferson City, MO area, we want to help make the process of buying a new insurance policy easy on you. Here are two critical factors to consider as you go about buying your first motorcycle insurance policy. 

Motorcycle Endorsement Versus Insurance

When you are going about buying your first motorcycle insurance policy, you need to pay close attention to whether you are purchasing a motorcycle insurance policy or a motorcycle endorsement policy. An endorsement policy adds the motorcycle to your existing auto insurance policy. A motorcycle insurance policy is its own insurance policy, separate from your auto policy. Most experts recommend buying a separate policy, as your policy limits should be different between auto and motorcycle insurance. 

The Policy Limits

Speaking of policy limits, the next factor to consider when you are buying motorcycle insurance is what the policy limits are set at. You should carry higher medical coverage limits for motorcycle insurances, as your medical expenses can be much higher if you are in a motorcycle accident. Always carefully review your policy limits and ensure they meet your needs before buying a motorcycle insurance policy. 

If you are ready to purchase a motorcycle insurance policy in the greater Jefferson City, MO area, grab your phone and call Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC. Let our knowledgeable agents help find you the right motorcycle insurance policy for your needs. 

What you ought to expect with boat insurance

Numerous new boaters trust that a property holder’s approach will cover their watercraft also. Shockingly, that is frequently not the situation. You need to make sure your new speculation stays safe if something happens, and you additionally need to ensure your money related resources are secured on the off chance that there is a mishap and you are to blame. To do this, you should buy an insurance policy for your new or old boat. At Lueberring Insurance Agency, LLC in Jefferson City, MO, we are devoted to providing adequate coverage for your watercraft.

It is exceptionally helpful

First off, you can expect protection in Missouri to cover your vessel if it sinks or inverts (upturns in the water). You can likewise expect scope if your boat is harmed because of a storm, fire, stranding, or collision. At long last, if your vessel is stolen or vandalized, a comprehensive policy will cover that too.

You additionally have property scope with watercraft protection. This goes past the structure and the gadgets on board. Any installations will also be secured. Moreover, grapples, paddles, trolling engines, instruments, separable shades, floats, skis, dinghies, and seat pads can likewise be secured with the correct arrangement. You may also wish to cover the trailer that you use to transport your watercraft.

Offers Obligation Protection

Boater’s risk protection likewise exists. This is because mischances occur on the water and also during transport. It’s conceivable that you could erroneously slip while sailing and cause your directing wheel to swing hard to port. That could prompt an impact for which you are to blame. You’ll be glad that you had obligation protection. That will give scope to your mischance and for various costs, including therapeutic expenses for real damage, property harm, and lawyer charges.

Sailing is absolutely a pleasant interest. Give yourself some genuine feelings of serenity with quality watercraft protection before you wander out on the water.

Need help? Call Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC in Jefferson City, MO for more information on watercraft insurance and to learn how to obtain a quote.

Does my renters insurance cover my roommate?

If you are renting in Jefferson City, MO, you understand how important it is to protect your belongings. Getting a homeowners policy is standard because it is often required for a mortgage, but many people overlook the protection they need when renting.

At Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC, we understand how important it is to feel secure in your home and to know that you are protected in case of losses. However, many people who are renting have roommates, and it is essential to know how well they are covered, if at all.

As a rule, roommates are never covered by a renters insurance policy. The property owner will insure the property, but the renter only insures his or her belongings. So every person who wants to take advantage of it must be named in the insurance policy.

Multiple People on the Same Policy

Some insurance providers will allow roommates to purchase a policy together. You may be tempted to do so if you can find coverage that saves you both money in the long run. Finding one policy which two people share could mean splitting the total costs in half, and save you both money.

Unfortunately, sharing a renters insurance policy can come with drawbacks. If your roommate files a claim, such as if his computer is stolen, that claim goes against you too since you are sharing the policy. If roommates come and go, that will cause difficulties also, as policies usually cover specific terms. You will need to speak to your roommate ahead of time to decide what to do in those cases.

If you want to see your options regarding renters insurance in Jefferson City, MO, call Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC today and talk to one of our friendly agents.

How Much Umbrella Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

There is a wide range of situations in which you or a dependent of yours could be found liable for an accident that causes some level of harm. If this ever occurs, you are at risk of being sued for damages. While you may have home and auto insurance policies to provide some level of liability coverage, it is often not enough. For those that are in the Jefferson City, MO area, a great option would be to get an additional umbrella insurance policy that will provide even more liability coverage from Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC. When building an insurance policy, one of the hardest things to determine is how much umbrella coverage you need as it can depend on a variety of different factors.  

Your Personal Assets

The first factor that will influence how much umbrella Insurance you need is how much you have in personal assets. People who are wealthy and have high-profile jobs are far more likely to be sued for large sums of money. If you are wealthy, it would be a wise idea to purchase enough umbrella insurance to cover your assets. For example, if you have a net worth of around $1,000,000, having that much in umbrella coverage would be ideal.

Level of Risk

You also need to carefully consider what your level of liability risk is. If you tend to have a lot of guests or clients over at your home, you are taking no more responsibility than others. Or, if you have teenage drivers in your home, you could be taking on even more. In these situations, it would make sense to have more umbrella coverage due to the higher level of risk.  

Since determining your umbrella insurance needs is so complicated, it would be beneficial to speak with a professional. For those that are in the Jefferson City, MO area, reach out to an agent at Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC. We excel at helping consumers determine their insurance needs and can provide you with a quote for your insurance needs.