Protecting Your Collectibles from Floods

Whether it’s first editions of great literature or a baseball card collection, these things carry personal meaning and financial value as well. It takes effort and patience to build an excellent collection, so protect yours with flood insurance. In the unfortunate event that there is a flood in the Columbia or Jefferson City, MO area, your loss will not be absolute. Instead, you will have a fresh opportunity to build your collection again. Flood insurance can’t stop a flood, but it can provide opportunity. Let our agents at Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC help you protect your collection today. Here are things you can do to get started:

Making an Inventory

Make an accurate inventory of your collection. A video record works well, and you also need to create a log of serial numbers, details of individual items, etc. This takes time and some attention to detail. However, it will save you plenty of headaches in the long run. Once your possessions are inventoried, save at least two copies somewhere that is not directly on the premises of your home. You can use a safe deposit box or store your information as data using Cloud technology.

We can not only discuss what coverage options you have, but we may find a package that serves your insurance needs in cost-effective ways. We can also ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over your collection because collections are cool. Here at Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC, we love meeting people who have a real passion for life. We’re proud to serve the Jefferson City, MO area and we want our customers to have the insurance that will protect their investments. With flooding occurring in more places than ever, it’s time to review your insurance and consider what kind of protection you might need. Contact us today.

Who insures a rented condo?

Here’s a question worth asking: Who insures a rented condo?

If you’re buying a condo in Missouri, you should give Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC in Jefferson City, MO a call and speak to an agent about coverage options. If you’re only renting the unit, then things can get a little more complicated. Here’s what you need to know.

Renters Don’t Need To Pay To Insure The Property

If you’re just renting a place, then the owner is expected to provide the basic insurance coverage for the building itself. In some scenarios, a special arrangement may be made that works otherwise, but that’s not common. If the building burns down, that’s not the renter’s problem beyond the fact that they need to find a new place. It’s the owner who pays the repair costs out of pocket if they’re uninsured, so they buy the insurance.

You May Still Require Renter’s Insurance

If you don’t own the building, you don’t have to insure it yourself. But what about your property inside the building? That’s not the landlord’s, and that means that it’s your responsibility to insure it. If there’s a fire or a burglary, then it’s your responsibility to replace anything that you lost, so it’s your responsibility to get it covered. In some instances, your landlord’s liability policy or other coverage may help you out, but it’s unwise to rely solely on someone else’s insurance policy for your property.

Whether you’re renting or buying, it’s not a bad idea to give Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC a call to go over your options in Jefferson City, MO. Even if you’re just renting, you may want additional coverage.

Life Insurance vs. Your Will

It’s in your best interests to make sure that you reconfigure your will every time you adjust your life insurance policy, and vice versa. By ensuring that these two documents do not conflict in any way, you can save your loved ones a lot of trouble in arranging your affairs and dividing your finances in the future.

When you get a policy through Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC or anyone else in Columbia or Jefferson City, MO for that matter, the hierarchy of will vs. insurance policy will vary from one scenario to the next.

When it comes to the actual payout from the life insurance policy, the policy itself will determine who gets the money. Whatever it says in the will may not be followed if the life policy says that your ex-spouse takes the bulk of the payout, even if the will suggests otherwise.

Note that the insurance policy is straightforward in its language. If it names John Doe Jr. as the beneficiary, John Doe Jr. collects the money. A will can be a little more ambiguous. If it says "To my brother," how many brothers do you have? Did your father have any illegitimate children? A will should be written as clearly as possible, and even then, the will is not as legally binding or as precise as an insurance policy, it is only a list of goals. Once an executor, a family attorney, and the IRS have taken their cut of the inheritance, John Doe Jr. might collect nothing but a bill for the lawyer’s time.

Generally speaking, if you want to make sure that your family gets what they have coming to them, you should put that in writing in the policy when talking to Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC located in Jefferson City, MO. The will can be contested, it can be misinterpreted, but the insurance policy will always send the money, possibly tax-free, to whoever is named in the document.

Who Can Be Covered Under a Missouri Auto Insurance Policy

Every driver in the State of Missouri is required to have an active policy on their vehicles, or they could be faced with certain penalties. You must have the following minimum amounts of liability coverage:

•    $25,000 per person for bodily injury
•    $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
•    $10,000 per accident for property damage

You’re also required to have uninsured motorist coverage of at least $25,000 in bodily injury for every person and at least $50,000 in bodily injury for every accident, and you must make sure that you have proof of insurance inside your vehicle at all times.

Covered Individuals in a Missouri Auto Insurance Policy

If you have a Missouri auto insurance policy, it will cover the following individuals:

•    The person who has been listed on the policy
•    Any spouse or family member who is living in the same household
•    Any other person who has been given permission to drive the vehicle

You can name specific individuals that you want to exclude from the policy, which can include any family members who live in your home. Some policies will only provide the minimum liability limits to any other person who is not living in the same household even if the limits are higher.

Finding the Right Auto Insurance Policy in the State of Missouri

If you live in Columbia or Jefferson City, MO and you want to find an auto insurance policy that meets state-required minimums, Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC has experts who can find a plan that will meet your needs and fit your budget. Our team has a thorough understanding of insurance regulations in the State of Missouri, and we can help you get a policy that’s right for you and your family.

If you want to find a great auto insurance agency in Jefferson City, MO, get in touch with Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC today! Our agents are ready to work on your policy and address any questions or concerns you may have.

A Quick Checklist Before Buying Commercial Insurance

Being a business owner is a truly demanding job that can get complicated quickly. Thankfully, it can also be one of the most rewarding things a person can do with their time. If you’re wondering how to approach your commercial insurance needs, you should keep the following checklist in mind from Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC before you decide on a policy. 


Typically, this is the number one thing an owner has to worry about. Not all businesses have customers they’re responsible for (e.g., wholesalers, online sellers, etc.), but almost all businesses have at least one employee they need to have workers compensation for. 


If you’re a business owner that works with any physical goods, then you need to safeguard yourself. Commercial insurance needs to protect your inventory if it’s taken by a thief or destroyed in an accident or natural disaster. 


The physical property you operate out of should be covered by your commercial insurance, and this should include more than just the building. Plants, upgraded appliances, or fancy tiles in the hallway, you’ll need a policy that extends past the foundation of the building in Jefferson City, MO. 


Sometimes customers slip, fall, and sue, and most business owners don’t have the means to face litigation on their own. 

These are just some of the most common things you’ll need to cover as a business owner, and there are plenty other factors to consider depending on the exact nature of your business. Some industries are simply riskier than others. Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC helps the people of Jefferson City, MO understand what they need to do to keep their livelihoods from crashing down around them. Call today to find out more!

How Home Insurance Can Protect You (and Your Neighbors)

Home insurance might feel like an afterthought once you’ve been through the home buying process. ‘Exhausting’ doesn’t even begin to cover what it feels like to tour homes, get all of the money together, and sign all of the documents to finalize the purchase. To make matters worse, the escrow period is not always smooth sailing either. As a result, most people end up with far too little coverage than they need to survive simply because they don’t have the energy to really analyze their options. Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC wants to make sure that you don’t end up in this camp. 

The Broken Window Theory 

If you live in Jefferson City, MO and you walk down a run-down street, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? You may think no one is really looking after their property, or even that the wrong type of behavior is encouraged. Home insurance allows you to take care of minor and major repairs alike and it typically gives everyone the impression that the homeowners on the block are paying attention to what’s happening around them. While home insurance can’t cover you in the event of every accident or incident, it can provide coverage to help maintain your home for you and your family.

Finding Help 

If you need help, call Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC. We’re here to serve the people of Jefferson City, MO by working with the community to provide policies that work for your needs. If you have questions or if you’re concerned about what a specific event might do to your home (e.g., theft, weather disaster, etc.), we’re here to make it easier for you and address your problems. Give us a call today to discuss your home insurance options and start a policy.

What does the Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover?

Homeowner’s insurance gives financial protection if your home or contents incur damage. It also protects you and your family in case of injuries to others on your property. Most mortgage lenders require a homeowner’s insurance policy for you to purchase a home. There are four primary coverage types:


Liability insurance protects you against lawsuits when property damage or bodily injury caused by the residents of your home to others. Most coverages also extend to damage caused by pets. The insurance typically covers court costs and any awarded money determined by the court up to a specific limit.

Living Expenses

Additional living expenses pay the costs of living away from home if you have to temporarily move due to disaster damage. This includes hotel bills, meals and any other costs incurred above-and-beyond your normal living expenses. Some policies include time limits which can be increased with a premium.


Your personal belongings, such as furniture, sports equipment, electronics, and clothes are covered by insurance when stolen or destroyed by a natural disaster. The coverage can range from 50-to-70-percent of the structural coverage on your home, depending on the policy. It is always advisable to perform a home inventory to determine the amount of coverage you require.


If your home is destroyed by acts of Mother Nature that are listed on your policy, your homeowner’s insurance will pay the repair bills. When purchasing coverage from Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC in Jefferson City, MO, it is important that you always purchase enough to rebuild your home. Many policies include damage to detached structures like a tool shed, garage or gazebo.

For more information on homeowner’s insurance in the Jefferson City, MO area, contact Luebbering Insurance Agency, LLC today! They can help you find a policy that fits your requirements and budget.